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Some pictures of our finished rods.
All rods are customizable upon request, to offer a unique item which meet personal preferences. It is possible choosing flamed or natural color of bamboo, windings and stripping guide color, and the wood type for reel seat.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you should require.



 primopremio primopremio


First prize rod IBRA gathering 2012

7’ #4 rod with bamboo-ferrule, double tip, natural color, light yellow bindings and purple tip.

 710_1 710_1
 710_2 710_2
 710_3 710_3
 710_4 710_4
 canne_1 canne_1


Mama 71042

7’10” rod for line 4 in 2 sections with bamboo ferrule made with taper studied by us with rod DNA SW, to obtain a progressive action rod. Perfect for dry fishing or emerger even with light tips with difficult fishes, internally hollow to make it lighter and leisurely fishing all day along.

 82_1 82_1
 82_2 82_2
 82_3 82_3
 82_4 82_4


Mama 8263

8’2” rod for line 6/7 in 3 sections, bamboo ferrule, made with our taper, hollow and cris-crossed flamed. This rod is specially indicated for big nymph or streamer.

 canne_1 canne_1
 canne_2 canne_2
 canne_3 canne_3
 canne_4 canne_4

IRP 7232

7’2” rod line 3 studied by IBRA with cooperation of Roberto Pragliola. Fast action rod with bamboo ferrule, reel seat in olive tree and nickel silver hardware.


 canne_5 canne_5
 canne_8 canne_8

Leonard letort

8’ rod, line 5.

This rod is made on the original taper from leonard but slightly increased to obtain a line 5, parabolic action with ferrules in nickel silver. A classical rod from ancient times. 

The flaming gives it a darker color very pleasant to the sight.

 canne_9 canne_9
 77_a 77_a
 77_b 77_b
 77_3 77_3
 77_d 77_d
 77_e 77_e


7'8'' coda 4/5

This rod was born from a L. Oltolini’s taper with bamboo ferrule reversed if compared to IRP, what gives it an excellent linearity.

Progressive action with a generous power reserve in the cast, very pleasant in fishing. Last 2 pictures refer to a rod made with a direct fire - flamed culm that gives it a special “aged-like” color.

 canne_11 canne_11
 canne_10 canne_10


2 types of ferrule we make; the tip in the picture is on left; on the top of the picture is the 7’7” rod,

the lower ferrule is of IRP.