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I attended a course on fly-fishing on 1995, where i have heard celebrating “refendu” bamboo rod.

Hearing of rods that had own life and that gave sensations not comparable to those made in carbon-fibers, made me so much curious i immediately wanted becoming an happy owner of such a tool.

After some years i was finally able making my dream reality: a second hands “hardy palakona” ; tested in fishing effectively gave proof that it was an absolutely unique tool as reported.

It was treated, and it still is, as the queen of rods; when i saw it among others similar but of last generation i wished to compare different types to feel differences from “refendu” and “refendu”.

What could be done even better? home making personally so that we can experiment personally actions, lengths, hollowing, etc. etc. !

And here i am now a rod-maker with my friend that shares with me the very same passion; hours spent in splitting, straightening, planing and thinking of always enhancing our performance. Time theft to sleeping hours, because our daily job awfully gives us only evenings free, but be sure that when your “creature” is ready the satisfaction largely pays back all efforts.




I do fly fishing since 2005 and immediately felt in love with this technique trying, during years, to perfect either in cast as well as in artificial fly tying.

I started almost immediately visiting Slovenian waters and exactly there i met two bamboo rods builders from Tuscany who showed me their creatures. i was so struck by aesthetic beauty of such tools that since then i promised to myself i wanted trying to make one.

If for me fly fishing is a great passion, building bamboo rods has an even greater significance.