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 Roughing strips

 Flaming strips


 Heat treatment


Other than the classical honey color typical of this wood, it is possible give to the bamboo rods a more or less intense amber (caramelized) tone; this procedure is called flaming.

There are different methods to flame a rod: blacking the culm with a blowpipe before any other operation or heating the strips strongly with an high temperature hair dryer after the planning session on the template.

Creating a criss-crossed tie with a thin but strong rope around the 6 strips that make a section of our rod, we can obtain dark/light effects which are esthetically pleasant. Following pictures show this operation.


 culmo_1 culmo_1

 culmo_2 culmo_2
 culmo_3 culmo_3
 culmo_4 culmo_4
 fiamma fiamma
 fiamma1 fiamma1
 fiamma2 fiamma2
 fiamma3 fiamma3
 fiamma4 fiamma4
 fiamma5 fiamma5

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