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Knots offset

Planing form


Hollow rod


We now set up the planing form with the aid of a centesimal dial, following measures of the taper studied at the beginning so that we can plane each strip with absolute precision and obtain finally 6 tapered strips that bonded together will give our bamboo hexagonal rod with its typical taper necessary to obtain the required action.

Obviously, according to the setup we will obtain different actions and we thus have to decide and develop a setup that conforms to our needs.


 comparatore_3 comparatore_3

 comparatore_1 comparatore_1
 comparatore_2 comparatore_2
 planning_piallatura planning_piallatura
 planning_piallatura_2 planning_piallatura_2
 planning_piallatura_3 planning_piallatura_3
 planning_piallatura_4 planning_piallatura_4