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Varnishing the wrap

Final dip varnishing


We can now proceed with the last two varnishing coats, but before this step we must “sign” our bamboo rod indicating also the model, the length and the line to be used, included a possible “personal header”; all this info are handwritten with china-ink that will be later protected by the varnish.

We must be very careful in protecting the cork grip to avoid any varnish contamination, while all guiding rings and wrappings can be dipped without any problem.

Also these two last coats can be applied with the same technique described before, paying much attention on cleaning the rod very carefully before dipping it because even a tiny invisible grit of dust or a small lint taken from the dub used to clean it, if attached at the rod, will be stuck forever when the varnish dries and will be seen as defect impossible to be wiped off unless sanding back it to the very beginning.


 verniciatura_2 verniciatura_2

 firma_1 firma_1
 firma_2 firma_2
 motorino motorino
 motorino_2 motorino_2
 verniciatura_1 verniciatura_1
 verniciatura_3 verniciatura_3